Pizza Panko

Pizza Panko

Pizza Panko™ is a Panko style bread crumb that acts as a texture modifier on pizza crusts, improving crispness that consumers are looking for.

• Pizza Panko™ can be used on par-baked pizza crust. Apply directly to the bottom of the crusts before sheeting or pressing. Pizza Panko™ has an inherent docking effect on the dough which assists in delivering a more evenly baked crust.

• Pizza Panko™ works well on fresh pizza dough. When forming a pizza by hand, the dough is pressed into a bed of Pizza Panko™ creating a layer of crumb only on the bottom. Pizza Panko™ helps prevent the bottom of the crust from burning and gives the pizza a perfect crispy texture.

• Pizza Panko™ performs well during extended hold times under heat lamps. This makes for a “cleaner” and more appealing delivery box. Ideal for pizza sold by the slice.

• Pizza Panko™ can be used between the cheese and topping to absorbs the oils and moisture produced from the cooking process. This prevents pooling of the liquids on top of the pizza as well as migration to the crust and delivery box, making a high quality and appetizing pizza presentation.

• Pizza Panko™ is an alternative to other release agents (semolina, cornmeal or oils); contributing textural and mouth-feel benefits that others can’t deliver, but at a similar cost.

• Pizza Panko™ may be just the ingredient you’ve been looking for to create a crispier crust.